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About us

Terra Art is small family company established 25 years ago, as a workshop specialized in pottery and ceramic ware. The first kilns we made were result of our rising need to increase production. Not being able to find a kiln with right characteristics, at least not for a reasonable price – we decided to make our own. Extensive experience in manufacturing of ceramics and pottery gave us opportunity to make a kiln perfect for our purposes. Not long after, our first kiln was recognized by fellow manufacturers – and we got our first orders. In the beginning, it was just a “side job”, but eventually it became our main product.

The knowledge we obtained producing ceramics kilns gave us opportunity to extend it to porcelain, glass and metal industry furnaces. With help and assistance of experts in their respective fields – we analyzed and understood needs of each craft.

As a result, we have optimized our furnaces and kilns to be able to satisfy each client needs. While saving on unnecessary costs, we invest a lot in what is really important – insulating materials, heating elements and precise electronics. The warranty we give – on literally all elements of our products – is result of such approach.

Feel free to send us any questions through our contact form. We will be happy to answer your questions or assist you with any project you are up to!